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... - Majalis, Maatam Karvayenge ... [full article] (152 views)
"excellent source for urdu speaking muslims and particularly shia muslims...." - mf
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DUA'A 51 to 60

... Dua’a No.51 For getting a child He or she who has no child should recite the following verse three time after every daily prayers (Namaz). Insha Allah he or she will soon have a child. ... [full article] (424 views)
"other duas include: Dua for increase of breast milk, Dua for wealth & prosperity etc.," - kzee4
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Dua For Having Children, (to get pregnant)

... I was wondering if anyone could kindly share dua(s) or other amaals that help in getting pregnant. Thank you. ... [full article] (433 views)
This bookmark is tagged as: duas | supplications | duas to conceive | pregnancy
"find many duas to get pregnant." - kzee4
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... - Dua - Supplications - Islam - Prayers ... [full article] (137 views)
"Find all the duas under one roof. Find duas for all the purposes. Duas are well categories like duas for daily recitation, duas from Quran, duas for ailments and treatments, duas for various occasions e.g. duas for the important days Safar etc., Also find mp3 of Holy Quran." - kzee4
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Duas & Amaals For The Month of Safar

... During the month of Safar the faithful give alms (Sadaqa) to the poor in the name of Allah and recite the following Dua'a, daily, 10 times. ... [full article] (96 views)
This bookmark is tagged as: Safar | Duas | Supplications | Amaals | Safar Calendar | Safar Events
"Very useful link in this month of Safar." - yamy
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... Allah Humma Swalle Allah Muhammedin Wa Alle Mohammed (387 ) This is a free service. However, If you would like to contribute to help pay for the monthly cost or to become a sponsor, please send an email to ... [full article] (115 views)
This bookmark is tagged as: | Live TV | Islamic Movies | Juloos | Marsia | Soz | Salaam | Majlis | Nauhey | Ziyarat | Duas | Lectures | Supplications | Azadari | Muharram | Jashan
"Found this very good service, if anyone wants to sponsor they are open for that." - SB
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... Majalis, Matam Karvayenge ... [full article] (107 views)
"If you are shia you will find everything that you want...... Find 2009 Nauhey of all Nauheykhan!!" - yamy
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